Can Bad Shoes Cause Leg Pain – Do you have pain in your feet? Do not worry, then you have come to the right place to read more about the cause, treatment, and other information that can be useful to consider.

Can Bad Or Ill-Fitting Shoes With Poor Arch Support Cause Leg And / Or  Back Pain And Cramps ?

Can Bad Shoes Cause Leg Pain

When you have pain in your feet, the symptoms can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The foot consists of many different parts, although we often carelessly think that it is only one body part. It can hurt the ankle, hurt the arch, or sting the toes.

Many people with pain in the feet experience that the pain is aching throughout the foot and can bite sometimes. In some cases, it hurts in the calf and in the leg, even though the source of the pain is initially in the foot.

Leg Pain Causes

Can Bad  Ill-Fitting Shoes Cause Leg and Back Pain And Cramps? Do you have pain in your feet and back but do not know the cause? A common problem is too tight or too large shoes that cause the foot to get an unwanted pressure or vice versa causes the foot to dabble around inside the shoe.

Therefore, the foot doesn’t get the proper arch support but rather incurs problems with the shoe. If you use high-heeled shoes frequently, it can cause pain and the same applies if you only walk in low walking shoes with only a thin rubber sole against the ground.

If you have usually sat with your feet at an uncomfortable angle, it can also be a possible cause of such pain.

Morton’s disease:

Morton’s disease means that you have pain in the front of the foot. This is because a nerve has been squeezed for a long time between two of the bones of the forefoot, which can cause the nerve to thicken and squeeze further.

The reason may be that you have walked in shoes that fit poorly or have been too tight, or because the front arch is a little sunken. 

• Most people get rid of the problems by changing shoes or getting special shoe insoles. In some cases, surgery may be needed, where the pressure on the nerve is reduced. 

Can Bad Or Ill-Fitting Shoes With Poor Arch Support Cause Leg And / Or  Back Pain And Cramps ?


An easy way to heal foot pain yourself is to carefully review how you treat your feet. Do you wash them and trim long toenails, make sure you have comfortable socks and use shoes that give foot and ankle proper arch support?

You can get a long way on the road by just reviewing these things.

If you often get swollen feet, it is good to put your legs in a high position when you come home after a long day, so that the blood circulation leads away from the swelling.

When you should seek medical care

In some cases, if it hurts too much in the feet, legs, or back or frequent cramps are becoming intolerable. In such cases, you need to seek medical attention so that the problem does not grow and get worse.

If you have pain that never seems to go away, a swelling that refuses to heal, or redness at the feet that seems to grow, it is time to seek the help of professionals. With the help of healthcare, you can overcome your problems so that you no longer have to bear the pain

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