How To Clean White Vans With Oxiclean Powder – Vans shoes were created to endure any wear and tear encountered at skateparks. Nevertheless, they constantly require you to care for them. Restore your vans back to their former beauty with our proven DIY guide to smart and deep cleaning.

How To Clean White Vans With Oxiclean Powder

How To Clean White Vans With Oxiclean Powder

Yellowish staining and dirty white vans can ravage the entire appearance of the shoe. Because of this, we listed a resourceful guide on How To Clean White Vans With Oxiclean Powder and how to wash them to remove yellow stains.

How To Clean White Canvas Shoes With Oxiclean Powder

Many kinds of stain removers were primarily developed for the objective of cleaning stains off different fabrics. If you think that the blemishes are light, then you can use some other more delicate type of stain remover than the OxiClean powder.

If lighter stain removers didn’t work as well or the stains are more ruthless ones, then you can use the OxiClean powder in this case.

You can read all the directions and the detailed method to use the product at the packaging. Just follow those instructions and your shoes will be good as new in no time.

  • Take the laces off the shoes

“If you remove the laces, you will have easier access to hard-to-reach parts, such as under the eyelets and under the shoe tongue. “Paying attention to every aspect will make your kicks stand out, and if you wear completely white sneakers, the smallest scratches will be overstated.”

  • Brush off any dried bits of dirt

“Before wetting the shoe, take a soft brush and smoothly clean the entire shoe as there is probably a lot of particles and dirt attached in the cracks. “If you didn’t apply this step when you get to the step of  washing the shoe with soap and water, all that filth will settle and make your job more difficult.”

  • Prepare a solution

Get a container filled with lukewarm water, pour a few drops of Palmolive (or any soap you have) and then add the Oxiclean powder, and mix it. “Take the old toothbrush, immerse it in the solution and begin rubbing your shoe: it’s the most straightforward and most manageable cleaning solution you can prepare at home.”

  • Dry off your shoes using a microfiber towel.

“Good advice is to use a microfiber towel; you can use it to dry your shoes, though it is also an excellent technique to make sure you thoroughly have cleaned your shoes well. Apply some pressure with your finger over the microfiber towel in order to eliminate all that is left.

  • Do you have a pair of canvases? Use a soft-bristled brush then

“Clean your canvas sneakers by hand and defeat the urge to toss them in the washing machine. Follow the same steps, just be certain to use a soft-bristled brush with natural hair, or the canvas will begin to erode.”

  • And Lastly, Let Them Air Dry

“The most vital and unforgivable misstep you can ever make is putting your shoes in the washing or the drying machines. As both will make your shoes look like they are totally worn out, arched, wrinkled, and you can’t fix that. You just have to let them air dry or maybe turn off a fan and leave them overnight away from any direct source of heat or light.