How To Dry Your Wet Shoes Fast & Quickly – There are a few ways to dry out shoes when they get wet from being in the rain or just from being worn for a long time with sweaty feet in them.

How To Dry Your Wet Shoes Fast & Quickly

How To Dry Your Wet Shoes Quickly

  • One of the most popular ways to dry shoes is to stuff them with newspapers.  Stuff newspaper into them and then tie them up if they have laces.  Change the paper every hour or so as it gets soaked through until it stops absorbing water.

The newspaper method has the advantage that it is inexpensive (as long as you have old newspapers handy).  There are some disadvantages as well, including the fact that the newspaper can leave black ink on the inside of your shoes that can transfer to your foot or your socks.  Also, many people no longer receive a newspaper as they get their news from television or the Internet.  It is also a time-consuming process as it takes three or four hours and requires you to change the newspapers a few times.

  • Another method to dry shoes is to roll up an old towel and put one end of it into each of your shoes.  Again, you would lace the shoes up with the towel inside in order for them to keep their shape.  Leaving the towel in for three or four hours will absorb most of the moisture and you can then let them air dry.

The towel method also has the advantage of being inexpensive and easy (although you are left with a smelly towel to wash).  The disadvantage is that it takes several hours.

  • You can dry shoes by even simpler methods such as leaving them out in the sun or putting them near a heater in your home.  Leaving shoes in the sun to dry can fade the colors so it’s not a great way to dry your shoes.  Leaving wet shoes by a heater can cause shrinking or can make them misshapen so it’s also not the best method.

It’s important to remember that leaving wet, smelly shoes out to dry or putting newspapers or towels in them may dry them, but it won’t get rid of the stinky feet smell in them.  This smell comes from bacteria from the sweat from your feet and that bacteria can continue to grow in your wet shoes even while you are trying to dry them.

  • There are chemical sprays you can use that promise to kill bacteria, but then the chemicals are left behind in your shoes for your feet to soak in and that is not a pleasant thought.

How To Dry Your Wet Shoes Fast

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