Bought shoes that were too big? Use these tricks to make them smaller. The following rule cleverly applies to How To Fix Shoes That Are Too Big & Make Them Fit. You can do that with shoes, and of course with flats, sneakers, or ballerinas that are one size larger.

How To Fix Shoes That Are Too Big & Make Them Fit

The shoes were too nice to leave in the store? But unfortunately, they are a size too big? With our tricks, they’ll fit you like a glove. Don’t panic if the shoe slips.

Almost everyone has faced this problem at some point: Your feet are constantly slipping out of your shoes. Sometimes the desired size was simply no longer available, sometimes an exchange was impossible. But what do you do now? In any case, don’t panic, because with these tips the shoes will still fit!

How To Tell And What To Do If Your Shoes Are Too Big And How To Fix large Shoes To make them Fit How to Shrink Leather Shoes

1. With insoles

The ultimate trick: insoles come in different sizes and shapes. Cloth insoles are particularly suitable for sandals, espadrilles, and other summer shoes. They not only make the shoe smaller, but also ensure that the feet don’t sweat so much.

Wearers of shoe insoles usually have to buy a larger size because the insoles need space. The effect can also be used if the shoes are one size too big. Simply buy a pair of matching insoles and the shoe should fit perfectly again. The insoles can also be used very well with open shoes, as they are practically invisible from the outside.

2. Make shoes padding yourself

The DIY version of the insole goes like this: Simply stick small make-up sponges from the drugstore into the shoes with double-sided adhesive tape. If the shoes are way too big, you can glue additional sponges.

How To Tell And What To Do If Your Shoes Are Too Big And How To Fix large Shoes To make them Fit How to Shrink Leather Shoes

3. Stuff some cotton wool

They help prevent the shoes from falling out. Simply put a few cotton balls in the front of your shoes and they’ll fit again. In addition, the wadding is pleasantly soft, so that unnecessary pressure points are avoided.

This is super comfortable for the toes because the wadding adapts to the toes’ shape while shrinking the shoe in seconds so that they no longer slip out the back.

4. Heel pads

You can easily make your own heel pads for shoes that are too big. To do this, stick small make-up sponges * ? to the inside of the shoes with adhesive tape. This makes the shoe smaller without causing uncomfortable rubbing at the back. Alternatively, the sponges can also be glued directly to the shoe heels. Or you can use special gel pads *. They are glued into the shoe so that it feels a little smaller.

Heel pads and adhesive pads (available in every shoe store) are particularly effective for heel shoes. This guarantees that the foot will no longer slide back and forth.

5. Hairspray

It sounds like a joke, but the trick is pretty effective: if the shoes are just a little too big, it helps to spray a little hairspray on the inside. This prevents the shoes from slipping back and forth

6. Let a professional shoemaker takes over

If you’re more likely to have the problem that your favorite leather shoes, you can take them to the cobbler. They usually moisten the leather so that it contracts again afterward. But this method should be left to the professional.

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