Best Socks & Slippers For Sweaty Feet – Having sweaty feet is perfectly normal so do not be afraid that only you are the problem. We all sweat an average of one shot glass of sweat a day.

Therefore, we have gathered a lot of good advice on how to prevent your sweaty feet from starting to smell bad. Sweating feet is not necessarily synonymous with foul-smelling feet, as fresh foot sweat does not smell. Old foot sweat, on the other hand, does. In fact, it is not the sweat that smells because it has been converted to butyric acid due to bacteria.

Even if you only have sweaty feet that do not smell, you can read more here because you can learn to handle the challenge with sweat and thus also damp and wet socks. You can actually avoid it too.

Best Socks & Slippers For Sweaty Feet

Wet feet cause footprints on the flooring tiles. Many times it has a bad smell that bothers you and the people around. Those who suffer from foot sweat often wash their feet several times a day and often bring extra socks with them to work.

the constant moisture can damage the most high-grade shoes, which becomes costly for the sufferer. Many patients with sweaty feet do not want to take off their shoes when visiting friends. Sweating in the winter despite sub-zero temperatures can lead to discomfort and in the worst case to frostbite.

If you are severely affected by foot sweat, it is extra important to take care of your foot hygiene. Foot hygiene should not only be maintained for the sake of the smell of sweat but because a wet foot is also more easily affected by infections, blemishes, or athlete’s foot.

How do we treat foot sweat?

Microinjections of botulinum toxin which is known as botox are given all over the sweaty parts of the foot, which is usually the bottom of the foot, toes, and something on the edges and top of the foot.

Treatment is given after anesthesia. Treatment takes 30 minutes to be performed and when you then leave the clinic, the strength and feeling in the foot have returned.

What is the result?

After 2-3 days, the majority are noticeably improved with reduced sweating. The effect lasts for 3-12 months.

What are the side effects?

Any side effects of botulinum toxin are temporary. Bruising and sore feet, as well as increased sweating from other places, may occur. Dry eyes and dry mouth have also been reported.

Best socks for sweaty feet

The word “sweat” often has bad implications. We associate it with a stinky smell and usually think it is unsanitary. However, it is very important to sweat. If you can not sweat, your body temperature would increase so high that you would not survive. We get rid of excess body heat by sweating.

Sweat normally has no smell to it at all when it leaves our bodies. The notable, obnoxious smell only happens when the feet soak in the warm, moist, and swampy-like environment. Heat and moisture are excellent sources of bacteria.

These bacteria are the things that add to the stink. For this reason, it is extremely important that you ensure that your feet stay dry. and how is that? By wearing the best socks for sweaty feet

Best socks for sweaty feet

There are 2 types of socks that can solve the problem. All are so-called special socks made of a special type of fiber that has been used and proved misleading. Except for the next two that are really considered efficient to earn the title of the best socks for sweaty feet

1- Bamboo socks

Bamboo socks function naturally as antibacterial and thus kill the bacteria that cause the bad smell. Bamboo is a very soft material with a lot of good features.

However, not all bamboo socks have these good features. It is important that the sock is produced from premium bamboo and not standard bamboo from China.

Standard bamboo does not last that long and has only a very weak effect on the smell. Bamboo socks are often preferred by those who sit in offices for long hours or who normally wear long stockings.

2- Anti-sweat socks

Special anti-sweat socks made of classic materials such as cotton and wool can also solve the sweaty feet problem. These socks are sewn on special machines to make air ribs so the sock can dry quickly. Anti-sweat socks are also Sanitized-treated, which ensures that the athlete’s foot and foul-smelling bacteria do not develop in the socks.

The purpose of an anti-sweat sock is that you can still sweat a lot but without it starting to smell or that the sock becomes extremely wet. This type of sock is often a little more durable than bamboo socks. Therefore, many craftsmen and outdoor enthusiasts prefer anti-sweat socks instead of bamboo socks.

Washing your socks

Remember to wash the socks according to the washing instructions and feel free to add a little (0.5 dl) of vinegar to the rinse aid dispenser and avoid using ordinary rinse aid.

The use of vinegar has 2 advantages – it removes bad smells and descales the washing machine so that it lasts longer. You can also use vinegar for regular washing of clothes instead of fabric softener.

Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet

All people sweat and most people sometimes have trouble sweating too much. As a first step, careful hygiene and the right choice of the right slippers or shoes can reduce the discomfort of foot sweat. But sometimes foot sweat that becomes very obvious, special antiperspirants may be needed.

Sweating from the hands and feet actually enables us to have a good grip function. People who do not sweat from hands or feet get a worse grip which leads to you losing things or slipping if you walk barefoot. Adequate sweat gives a good grip. Sweating too much from the hands and feet, on the other hand, again leads to poor grip, and patients suffering from hyperhidrosis lose objects and slip.

Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet

Foot sweat does not occur because you do not shower often enough or because you do not change socks every day as some may think. Excessive foot sweat is due to the fact that the sweat glands in the feet produce abnormally much sweat which in turn is due to an imbalance in body temperature. There are plenty of sweat glands on the soles of the feet and the feet are the body parts of our body that sweat the most.

The foot sweat is in itself odorless, the unpleasant odor occurs when the sweat comes in contact with the skin’s bacteria. It is good to try to treat foot sweat as effectively as possible, not only for the sake of smell but because a damp foot can be more easily affected by foot fungus or warts.

The reason why your feet or shoes start to smell bad is mainly due to 3 things:

  • The amount of foot sweat (from the feet)
  • A closed environment where bacteria can thrive (down in the shoe)
  • The time when the bacteria will be converted to butyric acid (feet and shoe)

How to choose the Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet

Avoid plastics and synthetic materials in which the feet cannot breathe. If you have a workplace where you can or may need to wear sandals, use this tip and take the short time it takes to change socks when you get to work.

Remember that our advice is adapted for the worst case, it is not certain that you need to follow all tips completely systematically. Experiment by starting to do everything and then you can skip a point or two and find out what is needed so that you do not get smelly feet 🙂

Tips to avoid sweaty feet

  • – Do not use the same pair of shoes for several days in a row, as they do not have time to dry completely between laps.
  • – Wash your feet daily, use antibacterial soap and make sure to wash the gap between your toes thoroughly.
  • – Only wear cotton socks and change them twice a day if you have heavy foot sweating.
  • – Use foot powder. Try a product with aluminum chloride.
  • – Try to avoid tight shoes (ballerina shoes). Feel free to use a pair of airy shoes/slippers to put on during working hours.
  • – A pair of extra insoles can be good. Then you can only change it into shoes that are used daily, such as work shoes.

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